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Carpet cleaning

Take care of your carpets and you will enjoy them for years.

Special infrastructure and know-how are required to guarantee gentle and value-preserving care and cleaning of carpets. Only a handful of specialist companies have the appropriate know-how. Our partner company is one of them.

We would be pleased to clean your carpet with us!

You can find it in the online shop under the heading „carpet & upholstery“!

1.) Soil washing
– Pretreatment of stains
– Washing process with clear water, soap and moth protection if required
– Fiber brushing with 3-disc machine
– Treatment of front and back sides
– Environmentally friendly, biodegradable products

2.) Dry cleaning
– Pretreatment of carpets
– Dry cleaning in the cleaning machine by means of a special process
– Addition of moth protection if required
– Follow-up check
– Possible after detachur
– Final inspection and packaging

3.) Paddling
– Special wash for long pile carpets in the large paddle washing machine
– Addition of moth protection if required
– Rinsing, crushing, drying, final inspection, packaging

4.) Hand cleaning
– Antique and delicate carpets
– Wall hangings
– Top Care stain protection treatment if required
– Addition of moth protection if required

Moth protection
Treatment with moth protection is a very important process. It protects the fibres from future infestation by moths, dust mites, carpet beetles and other vermin. It also kills existing vermin.

Odour removal
Carpets should contribute to personal well-being. Odours such as urine, smoke or the like are neutralised in a special process.

Urine treatment
Use of special products for the removal and disinfection of urine stains.

Water damage
Special treatment for water damage and mould infestation.

Fire damage
Special cleaning and odour treatment for smoke and soot deposits.

Spray on the rinsing oil to saturate the colours and protect the fibres.

Stain protection treatment
Treatment with stain protection protects your carpets from future stains. Water-soluble stains roll off the treated fibres.

Delicate carpets and stubborn stains are treated by hand.

Wavy carpets are stretched onto the stenter frames.

Expertise and estimates
A carpet is also a valuable investment. Independent carpet experts will be happy to provide you with an expertise on age, condition and value.

Incoming inspection with photo
– The carpet is measured and photographed.
– A report about the condition is made.
– The appropriate care method is determined from four individual types of cleaning.

Dirt, dust as well as deep-seated and sharp-edged substances are knocked out and sucked off in our extremely efficient knocking system „Beater“. This prevents sharp-edged particles from damaging the carpet fibres.

Carpet washing
The different types of laundry are explained below under the heading „Individual types of cleaning“.

Rinse and squeeze
– Rinse and neutralize the soap residues.
– The water is squeezed out of the carpet (2 tons pressure).
– Roll and prepare for the large centrifuge.

– Swinging in the up to 4m long horizontal centrifuge.

– Spray on the rinsing oil to saturate the colours and protect the fibres.
– Fringes are specially treated and bleached if necessary.
– Suspension of the residual moisture by means of a carpet crane.
– Up to 24 hours drying time at 60°C in a large drying room.

Carpets are clamped in the large clamping frame and brought back to their original shape by adding steam.

Final inspection and packaging
– Effective final inspection by our experts.
– This guarantees the best quality.


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